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Jobsearch, Cleaning and Remote-Controlled Cars. It’s hard to be a grown up.
September 29, 2009, 3:51 pm
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T, my brother-in-law has decided that going back to college is not an option for him. The course was supposedly a waste of time and energy.
So, the jobsearch begins. Or it should. At the moment it is restricted to filling in one application form every week and awaiting the rejection.

T, however, does not think this is a problem. He has found a new hobby. Remote-Controlled Cars. Him and A (the lodger) spend hours every day littering the livingroom floor with components they want to add to their cars. Old portable mini-speakers and mp3 players. Flashing LED lights. Mini flame throwers.
T’s girlfriend watches on in despair. Having started a new, full-time job limits the time she can spend cleaning up after her lazy other half, but it doesn’t limit the amount she complains about him.
The latest is that she doesn’t think he even knows where the cleaning products and the vacuum live. I know different. He is totally aware of where they are. He just doesn’t believe that cleaning should be part of his tasks. Neither should washing up be, or taking the rubbish out.
In his opinion, adults are stuck up and arrogant. He doesn’t not want to become either, therefore he does not want to become an adult, therefore he should not have to do any cleaning.

Instead, he keeps filling in one form a week, and adding yet more components to his little toy.

What a shame he can’t put the same energy and dedication into anything else he does.

Yesterday, he set the car on fire by holding it under a running tap, then pushing the motor to its limits.
Is there any hope, I wonder?