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January 14, 2010, 9:29 pm
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The raptor weighed in at exactly 20 lbs today, more than three times his birthweight. I am quite the proud mummy when I think about his development.
Today, we had rice with creamy garlic sauce, chicken and carrots for dinner. Remembering yesterday’s encounter with the pasta and the fork, I decided it would probably be best to try a pre-loaded spoon. Raptor enjoyed the spoon, and the rice, but got frustrated every time he had to give it up so I could re-load it. His impatience was voiced with loud, angry screams, and his joy over getting it back with lovely giggles. In fact, he liked the spoon so much, he tried to eat it. Of course, shoving a spoon down your throat is not the most pleasant feeling in the world. The raptor didn’t realise what it was that was making him gag and tried sticking the spoon even further down his throat, making the situation worse, so I switched the spoon for the plate with the rice. This is were the fun really started. The little one was loving the feeling of rice between his fingers, and soon it was everywhere: his hair, his clothes, the chair and its surroundings.
After peeling him out of his clothes and giving him a quick bath, he fell asleep an hour before his usual bedtime, still smiling.

I do believe that at least a third of his portion (about a tablespoon or two) made it into his tummy. The nappy will tell.


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cant wait to read the potty training bnlog!!!!! ha HA

Comment by rob

Bloody hell Katie was only 17.2 lb at 1 year old, u must be feeding him cement or something

Comment by rob

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