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You want me to eat THAT?
January 17, 2010, 12:14 pm
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It’s amazing how often I still keep forgetting that we’ve started BLW, and that the raptor will obviously want some food in the evenings too – at least until he noisily starts demanding it. He gets very upset when I forget.

On Friday night I though I could give bananas and pears another go. I peeled and chopped some (Bananas naturally split into three equal pieces, perfectly sized for tiny hands), and added a slice of melon and a slice of crackerbread with cheese to his plate.  The pears earned me a disgusted, accusing look – Mummy, are you trying to poison me?- while the banana pieces just kept falling apart on their way to Oscar’s mouth. What made it in didn’t seem to impress him, though.
The melon was a different matter. I am not sure if he just liked it because it was cold and rather hard, soothing his teething gums, or because it was easier to hold and tasted nice. He enthusiastically sucked and ground away at it until there was just the little bit left that was inside his hand.
The slice of crackerbread – thus far the uncontested favourite – didn’t even get look in.

Last night was a bit of an experiment – we had veggie fingers (Mashed potato and broccoli mixed with peas, sweetcorn and peppers, shaped and then breaded and baked) with oven chips (shock, horror!) and garlic bread. After checking the salt contents in all of those I decided that it would be easier to give him some bits off our plates (minus the added salt) and see how he got on with it.
The clear favourite was the garlic bread. I gave the raptor the end piece of the baguette, and he quickly realised that he could dig his fingers into the soft bits and hold it steady with both hands. Somehow he managed to suck out all the soft bread and garlic butter, and just leave us with the outer shell. Veggie fingers seemed to go down well but caused a bit of frustration because they always fell apart, and chips, while easy to hold and eat, barely raised a reaction at all.

Tonight, the raptor is having dinner with grandma. We’ll see how that goes. I hope she’s prepared for the mess.


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