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The Ins and Outs
February 17, 2010, 9:10 pm
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If you have children, you will probably know that at some point you become obsessed about what goes in and comes out of your child. It starts when they are first born, with different types of milk and their corresponding “end product”, colour, consistency, frequency. But it doesn’t stop there, it only gets worse. As the weaning starts, we become pre-occupied with everything that goes into the child’s mouth and comes out of the other end. A year ago I would have never thought I could have endless conversations with other mothers about poo, but we do it, every week. We compare, we ask, we wonder.
It seems to be one of the most fascinating things (not really, but we act like it is!). We observe the changes that correspond with the changes in food, and are forever reciting everything that might have been eating to make sure the nappy looks “right”.
The obsession is difficult to convey to someone who has never had a baby or looked after one for a longer period of time.

On a different note, Raptor has been introduced to tomatoes (a new favourite, along with chicken), mozarella, peas (for the fun of the chase), fish and porrigde (messy!). Tonight we had chicken, and a bit of cheese, and for desert I prepared some rusks with warm milk, grated apple and cinnamon, thinking that Raptor might enjoy it. He didn’t. It was too mushy, so I ended up eating all of it myself.
Bon Appetit!


Resuming Routines
February 13, 2010, 10:12 pm
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Thanks to a cold-turned-viral infection, Raptor has been completely uninterested in food for a few weeks. It started when the snuffles started, and got worse as Raptor did. At the worst point, he was only just taking enough milk to keep himself hydrated, but things are better now.

Yesterday saw a kiwi fall victim to his little claws and his ever improving coordination. Today, we all ate dinner together again for the first time. Garlic, Chilli and Coriander Chicken with Red peppers and noodles. (5 cloves of garlic, a bit of fresh chilli pepper and a handful of fresh coriander leaves with some basil-olive oil blended as marinade. Marinade chicken for as long as you want, then fry in olive oil with chopped red peppers. Cook noodles and add to chicken, toss till covered in the marinade. Serve.) Yum. This was the first time Raptor ever encountered meat, and he could not get enough of it. One piece in each little fist, he chomped away at his little pile of food for about an hour. I think he liked the meat because it didn’t slip out of his hand or break on the way to his mouth. It wasn’t even particularly messy – his aim is definitely improving. I dare say it went down well.