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New things and old friends
July 17, 2011, 5:30 pm
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Our car has been slowly but surely losing the will to carry on. In the past two months it has cost us more than 900 pounds in repairs and new parts. When it failed the MOT on friday it was the final straw, the car had to go.
Now we were faced with the decisions – what car do we buy now, how are we going to pay for it? A deal offered itself quickly, and we have found the ideal replacement. And the best thing? It is free for 18 months and leaves us with two and a half thousand pounds in cash.
Test driving it was terrifying and exhilarating. I tend to take a while to get used to new cars, and having been used to our old, rather sluggish, heavy car, having control over an almost brand new car was a completely new experience. I am looking forward to driving it again.
The test drive happened in the middle of the preparations for Sophie’s birthday barbeque – I had just got one of the cookie trays out of the oven when we got the call and my husband spontaneously decided he wanted to go and test drive NOW.
Upon our return, cakes, brownies and millionaires shortbread were hastily finished, cut and packaged. I am amazed how much I managed to do in little over 90 minutes.
I had been dreading the evening. My husband is quite notorious for telling people what he thinks of them when he has been drinking, and Leah was going to be there. The last time I saw her she barely acknowledged my presence. The last time she spoke to me she had nothing nice to say to me. The plan was to have the kids picked up towards 7pm so we could relax. For the very first time ever I was unable to express more than an ounce of milk for Squidge, and with a feeling of guilt I drove to the supermarket and picked up a box of formula. I was just glad it wouldn’t have to be me who fed it to him.
The party started a little slowly, the adults sitting in various corners of the garden, keeping in pairs, while the kids ran around, laughing riotously. But soon the food began to cook, alcohol was consumed and the conversation began to flow. Our host revealed a few personal bits of information she had been holding in for a few years.
The evening continued, my husband quietly in the corner nursing is first half-pint of cider, not getting involved until Squidge became restless and the kids were picked up by his mother. He soon relaxed and let the ice melt by playing punchbag for a group of ten 2-5 year-olds.
Old, seemingly breaking friendships were reforged. Hugs were exchanged. The drinks were in full flow.
The rest of the party flew buy in a swirl of conversation, gentle teasing jokes, laughter and more alcohol. It felt good to be with my friends again, and it felt even better to just BE.
Arriving home in the early hours of the morning, the children long safely and happily tucked up in bed, my mother-in-law informed me that squidge had shown absolutely no interest in the formula I had been feeling so guilty about.
Let’s do it again, and soon.


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