true tales from the gates of the underworld

July 28, 2011, 8:03 pm
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We go through our days, sharing moments with people; they can be complete strangers or good friends. Or both. I believe we rarely get to see the whole picture of anybody’s life. We catch glimpses, seconds, minutes, hours at best, and paint our own pictures, draw our own conclusions. The mother with the toddler having a tantrum in the supermarket. The pregnant girl behind the counter of the corner shop. Your healthcare practitioner, always calm and smiling. Your friend, nicknamed the Ice Queen.
Do you know their stories? Or do you only have fragments, little pieces making up an incomplete mosaic?
We paint our own pictures, we draw conclusions and pass judgment. When we see something that doesn’t quite seem to fit into the picture, we are astonished, and sometimes shaken up. How could your friend be carrying so much resentment because everyone assumes things about her? How could your healthcare practitioner possibly cry? What secret does the shop girl hide behind those green eyes?
You don’t see me, staring at my own pale reflection in the mirror, or when I recoil a fraction from a touch, haunted by unwanted memories. You don’t know if I like to sit on my kitchen surface and eat peanut butter straight from the jar. Your image of me stems from the seconds, minutes or hours we shared. You can take a second look, dig a little deeper, ask a question;
Or you can reserve judgment, smile and think “I am so glad that’s not me.”


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