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This is goodbye
August 4, 2011, 7:48 pm
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I am angry. Actually, angry doesn’t quite cut it; I am fucking furious.
I have been a friend to you during the last two years. I was there to congratulate you on the birth of your daughter, and to reassure you through the worrying times. When your partner left you, I helped you pick up the pieces. When you decided to abort his unwanted baby, I supported you. When you were diagnosed with MS, I cried with you.
When Squidge was born I asked you for help. You avoided me, telling me that the anniversary of your termination made it too painful. Too fucking painful for you.
You came back, two weeks later, when I was already beginning to be able to fight my own battles again, and you asked me to forgive you. Forgive and forget is your motto.
Maybe I could have forgiven you, but during the last 3 months you have shown me that you have clearly no interest in maintaining our friendship if it means giving something in return. You are the centre of your own world, drowning in your own self-pity over your illness instead of enjoying life while you still can, while you don’t have to worry about disabilities or relapsing.
I know I sound like a bitch, but I can’t take it anymore. You seem to have time for other people.

So, this is goodbye. You won’t hear from me again. Somehow, I doubt I will hear from you.


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