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Stitches and thoughts
October 22, 2011, 6:02 pm
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It has begun. Starting in the bottom left corner, working inwards and upwards, the squares are coming together.
I love how they all become the same size, and look like they just belong next to each other.
With every stitch I am aware of its purpose, and what the blanket symbolises.
It also madr me think of the last conversation I had with Nat, the day before she died. It was so trivial, everything was so normal. Nobody expected the terrible news.
I also thought about when I found out. The complete disbelief and unwillingness to accept it as truth. The hope that everything was just a sick joke. I wanted Nat to come and tell me herself that it wasn’t true, but of course she didn’t come. Then the feeling that hit home when it was confirmed to me without a doubt.
I thought of the Scoobies reactions.
I thought of her beautiful girls. Thought of how happy she had been, and how unfair it is for her to have been taken so young, and so suddenly.
The blanket is a symbol of all of this, of all her friends, of all the things she used to love, and of how lucky we are to be alive and hold those close that mean the most to us.


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