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The things we knew were true
November 7, 2011, 10:43 pm
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Recently, it was suggested to me that I should not be jealous of my younger brother. This had never really occured to me. It made me think.
In my mind, my brother is still very much the child he was when I last lived with him seven and a half years ago, only bigger, louder and even more sure of himself. He has the whole world worked out, lives fast and parties harder. Thinks that it should be this easy for everyone, but still lives at home, where the food appears when he wants it and the laundry washes itself. Everything else would be unfair.
And why not? If it is there, your best bet is to grab it with both hands.
Years ago, when we still ruled the world and knew everything, we were the same. We believed, truly.

Now, we have become cynical, beaten down by life and experience. Should we wish on them the same cynicism? Or let them enjoy life while they still know everything?
Life has its own ways of sneaking up on you when you least expect it and before you know it it will teach you all the things you thought you knew.

I, for one, couldn’t live the way my brother does. His lifestyle doesn’t suit me. But sometimes I wonder what it would be like to still know everything.


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