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Kitten rescue
September 16, 2012, 3:09 pm
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We rescued 4 little kittens yesterday. their little brother, dead for a week, was still lying where they slept, the house disgusting, the people living there glad to see them go.
if I had known the circumstances they were living, I would have taken them earlier.
skinny, ridden with thousands of fleas (I’ve never seen anything like it, they were like four little ants hills), despondent and dirty, they didn’t even protest when I picked them up and put them in a box.
my skin still crawls thinking about the house.
after seeking reassurance that they were in fact not ill, we took them home and spent four long hours combing, bathing and flea treating them.
fleas and lice squirming their way through wet, slightly matted coats, shivering, they made a sad display; the conditions I found them in were just hideous.


after cleaning their wounds (some infected scratches that were full of dirt) and combing out matted bits and as many creepy crawlies as we could, I gave them a bowl of organic kitten pate, which they promptly demolished, then looked for more.

to avoid infesting our house, we made them a shelter in the insulated garden shed, a perfect little playground with a bed, room to fight and play, food, a litter tray and access to an enclosed bit of the garden.


they just curled up in the bed, all together, and slept. then woke a few hours later, fed, toileted, cleaned each other and slept some more.



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